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Doyle Floorcoverings offers a variety of flooring and backsplash options to craft your floors to perfection. Below is a general price guide, however final pricing depends on the size and details of the job.  Prices below reflect basic labor only.  Feel free to contact Charles Doyle directly to discuss free estimates and receive a quote. 



Starting At 




The Ordering Process:

Estimate: Estimates will take place at the location where the work will be conducted. During the time of the measurement, supplies and materials will be discussed.  I can answer any questions regarding cost, options, and installation.  


Email quote + Wholesaler supplies:  Within 2-3 business days after the estimate you will receive an email detailing the job and the labor costs only.  Also, you will find information on the closest flooring wholesaler.  We work with local and national wholesalers who provide showrooms with a retail feel but without the retail price.  You're welcome to set up an appointment or just walk in.  The wholesalers we work with cater to small flooring companies and their clients.  Doyle floorcoverings provides labor only.  This is one way we keep prices so low for our customers.


Deposits: No deposits are collected, 100% of the labor costs (detailed in the email quote) are due upon completion of the job.  All that is asked is that you pay for the materials upfront.  This can be done directly at the wholesaler or the materials are on site.   Our policy is not to collect money for the labor until the job is complete.  


Starting At 



Starting At 



Starting At 




Ask for Pricing


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